Connect Mantis BugTracker to openQRM-Cloud

This HowTo is about how to easily connect Mantis BugTracker to openQRM-Cloud

First goto the openQRM Server Plugin-Manager and configure the "mantis" plugin.

Here the configuration options. It is safe to go on with the defaults.

Now goto the openQRM Server Plugin-Manager and install the "mantis" plugin.

... and start it too.

Within the "Cloud" plugin menu please find the new "Mantis" menu. Please click on "Connect".

Next step is to finalize the Mantis setup which got automatically installed and pre-configured by openQRM.

Finalise the Mantis setup.
Please make sure that the openQRM database user has access to the new created Mantis database ("bugtracker" by default)

After completing the Mantis setup please login as "adminstrator" with the (default) password "root" and create a new project.

Login as "adminstrator" with the (default) password "root"

Now create a new project.

Project created. Please click on "Connect" again.

Click on the "Connect" button.

The Mantis BugTracker is now connected to openQRM Cloud.
New created Cloud User are now automatically created in the BugTracker.

In the openQRM Cloud Portal a new link "Report a Problem" automatially appears on the upper right corner for all Cloud Users.

Cloud Users now can easily login to the BugTracker with the same username/password credentials as for the openQRM Cloud.

Here the logged in Cloud User ready to open a new ticket.


You have successfully made it through this howto!

We hope you have enjoyed it!

Your openQRM Enterprise Team