openQRM Enterprise 5.1

Sophisticated hybrid-cloud features, enterprise-ready self-service portal and a new look - the best openQRM you‘ve ever seen.

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2 Solutions within one single Datacenter-Management Console!

1. Enterprise Datacenter Management and System Administration under your control.

openQRM Enterprise Datacenter Infrastructure is the "magic potion" for system administrators. It provides a generic Server deployment work-flow which integrates and combines common and custom system administration tools and solutions into a powerful single management console for your complete IT-service Infrastructure; from "A" as in Ansible to "Z" as in Zabbix.

It standardizes and automates VM and Bare-Metal provisioning, Network- IP- and DNS-Management, System- and Service-Monitoring, IT-Documentation and Configuration Management plus, last but not least, openQRM provides a "built-in" high-availability for the managed systems.

2. IAAS private, public and hybrid- Cloud Computing for VM and Bare-Metal provisioning

openQRM Enterprise Cloud and Cloud Zones turn your existing openQRM Enterprise Datacenter Infrastructure into a flexible and 100% automated private, public and hybrid Cloud Computing environment including an user-friendly "VM and Bare-Metal Server" Self-Service - no matter which virtualization, storage or network technologies you use. Please check our "Integrations & Technologies" overview for more infos.

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  • 52 Plugins
  • 3 Monitoring systems
  • 10 Storage technologies
  • 7 Virtualization technologies


2014 Jul
New VM Images available on the openQRM Image shelf (CentOS 7 - Debian 7 - Ubuntu 14.04)

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2014 Jul
Upcoming openQRM Cloud 5.1.4 with new Cloud portal and Android OS support

The next 5.1.4 version of the openQRM Enterprise Cloud will be released on the 21. July 2014 and...more

2014 Jun
Early reveal: Upcoming new openQRM Enterprise Cloud portal

We have simplified and automated even more of your IaaS Cloud!more

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