openQRM Enterprise 5.1

Sophisticated hybrid-cloud features, enterprise-ready self-service portal and a new look - the best openQRM you‘ve ever seen.

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Enterprise-ready self-service portal. Sophisticated hybrid-cloud features.

Establish your MultiCloud easily with openQRM Enterprise and combine the services you need. OpenStack, AWS, Eucalyptus, etc..

openQRM Enterprise provides you with a complete Automated Workflow Engine for all your Bare-Metal and VM deployment AND all of your IT subsystems. Gain higher efficiency through professional management and monitoring of your Cloud capacities – even across conflicting Cloud Platforms.

Manage, provision, request, design, protect. Users easily self-service their needs – VM and Bare-Metal with automatic billing. And no vendor-lock!

When managing your MultiCloud & Datacenter with OpenQRM Enterprise, you receive a complete framework that standardizes and automates VM and Bare- Metal provisioning, Network- IP- and DNS- Management, System- and Service Monitoring, IT- documentation and configuration Management.

High Availability

Last but not least, openQRM Enterprise offers a "built-in" high-availability for the managed systems.

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Webinar: openQRM Enterprise Docker Collaboration Server on Friday, July 24th 2015 - Info & Registration



  • 52 Plugins
  • 3 Monitoring systems
  • 10 Storage technologies
  • 7 Virtualization technologies


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