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Many of the most popular use-cases are covered in our free Howtos and Documentation for openQRM.


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Webinar - Migration from ESXi to KVM

How To - OpenStack Cloud orchestration with openQRM Enterprise

Webinar - Network Deployment with openQRM



Independant Publications

CloudComputing Insider Article (Google translation):

openQRM combines management, monitoring, automation and deployment of various cloud services under one interface.


Linux Magazin Test ( Issue 12/2016, Germany) "If you are looking for powerful and functional virtualization management tool, Open QRM should definitely be a tight choice.“

German Article: openQRM managt physische und virtuelle Systeme


Admin Magazine shows how to use openQRM on 6 pages. (Issue #30 UK/Europe, North America, Australia) ADMIN is the leading technical magazine for system administrators on heterogeneous networks, with detailed, practical articles on securing, configuring, managing, troubleshooting, and optimizing Linux, Unix, Windows, and Solaris systems.

VM and Cloud Management with openQRM - Everything Under Control


IT Administrator Magazine publishes the openQRM workshop. IT Administrator is one of the leading German IT Magazines for professionals. Workshop article in German

IT-Administrator Magazine Workshop PDF (Deutsch): VM- und Cloudmanagement mit OpenQRM


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