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System Administration

MultiCloud & Data Center with OpenQRM Enterprise.

We provide a complete framework that standardises and automates system administration.

Services, HowTos & Documentation

Full range of professional services to assist you with your cloud computing and data center management projects. Free howtos and documentation.

Demo & Evaluation

Try out the openQRM IaaS Cloud front-end in our free online demo. Request a free openQRM Enterprise Evaluation for your own test set-up.

Professional Open-Source Data Center and Cloud Management

IaaS Cloud Computing and Data Center Management framework for professional users. openQRM Enterprise provides you with a complete Automated Workflow Engine for all your Bare-Metal & VM deployment and all of your IT subsystems. Gain higher efficiency through management, automation, and monitoring of your Data Center & Cloud capacities.

  • Billing Integrated. Automatic billing, overview, and interface to SAP, etc.
  • Extends your datacenter capacity by shifting load to AWS EC2, OpenStack, etc.
  • High Availability. Automatic HA for Systems & Cloud deployment.
  • Management Overviews. Stay in sync with your Data Center's reality.
  • Major hypervisors/containers supported: KVM, Xen, Citrix XenServer, VMWare ESXi.
  • Migration. Automated server migration P2V, P2P, V2P, V2V.
  • Integrates with all major open and commercial storage technologies.
  • Auto monitors your IT infrastructure. Detect problems & security breaches.
  • Manage multiple datacenter locations from one web console.
  • Integrates with the best Open Source management tools: Puppet, Nagios/Icinga, Collectd, etc.


openQRM Community - Community Edition

The new openQRM 5.3 Community Edition is the ideal free & open source way of managing your small set-up. openQRM Community Release is often used for simple commercial or educational use-cases...


openQRM Enterprise Enterprise Edition

Set up, automate, manage. Go for higher efficiency and flexibility! The openQRM Enterprise Edition offers you extensive management, automation and monitoring possibilities for Cloud and Data Center...


Get your Data Center into the Cloud and become an IT Service Delivery Center


A diagram flowchart displaying the information flow between clients and servers  A diagram flowchart displaying the architecture flow of information


 100% Automation for your Workflows with openQRM Enterprise Plug-Ins

openQRM Enterprise for your PrivateCloud / HybridCloud

Your infrastructure in the Cloud - Ideal for R&D, QA & for your production environment. Save time and ensure swift IT service delivery with increased automation! Simply let users provision their servers via the self-service portal and receive application stacks in minutes.

openQRM Enterprise for KVM Environment

openQRM Enterprise Edition offers you extensive management, automation and monitoring possibilities. Profit from the technical benefits of KVM like hardware support, memory support and a high-security level all at the lowest ongoing cost. Simply add additional plug-ins for more functionality.

openQRM Enterprise for your ISP Business

Set up, automate, manage, and provide the best service for your customers. As an Internet Service Provider, you reap in the benefits of openQRM Enterprise. Automate network management & preconfigure network-bridges. Provide Cloud self-service with comprehensive billing...

openQRM Enterprise for your VMware vSphere Environment

Directly connect to VMware vCenter-Server in a vSphere environment. Auto-install ESXi hosts on bare-metal hardware. Simply put a Private Cloud on-top of your existing VMware vSphere environment. HA, monitoring, IP-management, and much more are automatically also available for VMs.