openQRM datacenter infrastructure & IaaS Cloud Workshop

The openQRM Enterprise datacenter infrastructure & IaaS Cloud Workshop provides deep insight into the architecture, concepts, setup and management of openQRM. It enables system administrators to setup and maintain complex openQRM cloud installations.

  • 2 days of individual training (remote or on-site)
  • detailed overview about the architecture and main concepts
  • openQRM Server installation and setup
  • managing different virtualization, storage and networking technologies
  • automated datacenter infrastructure - IaaS Cloud Computing self-service
  • high-availability and scalability
  • using the Cloud SOAP webservice and API
  • introduction to openQRM plugin development
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Linuxhotel Cloud Workshops

Our group workshops held at the Linuxhotel in Essen are an affordable alternative to the individual in-house or remote trainings. In case you happen to be in Germany and want to experience learning in the picturesque environment of one of North-Rhine Westphalia's most beautiful hotels, please check the current Linuxhotel course offerings below.

Cloud Computing with openQRM

This group workshop at Linuxhotel focuses on the architecture, concepts, setup and management of a private or public openQRM Cloud. 3 days of shared "lab style" learning sessions in a comfortable and inspiring location are awaiting you.

Open-Source Cloud Computing

This group workshop provides a detailed overview of the available Open-Source Cloud Computing solutions such as AWS/EC2, Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud, Eucalyptus, OpenNebula and openQRM. Get your Cloud knowledge up to date and take informed technology stack decisions.