Open-Source Cloud Computing

openQRM is a web-based open source datacenter management and cloud computing platform that integrates flexibly with existing components in enterprise datacenters. openQRM supports these virtualization and container technologies: KVM, XEN, Citrix XenServer, VMWare, lxc, OpenVZ and VirtualBox.

openQRM automates provisioning, virtualization, storage and configuration management, and it takes care of high-availability. A self-service cloud portal with integrated billing system enables end-users to request new servers and application stacks on-demand.

Reliable and professional

openQRM Enterprise Edition is the commercially backed product for professional users. If you are building professional datacenter platforms using openQRM and if you need reliable support options or access to the "latest and greatest" additional features, this is your product.

openQRM Enterprise Edition comes with extended features, product support and maintenance options not available in the Community Edition. It is field-tested and professionally supported by openQRM Enterprise GmbH.

Datacenter Management and System Administration

openQRM Dashboard
openQRM Servers
openQRM Resources
openQRM Images
openQRM Plugins
openQRM Events

Datacenter Automation - IAAS openQRM Enterprise Cloud

openQRM Cloud Dashboard
openQRM Cloud Instances
openQRM Instance
openQRM Account

Datacenter Automation - Cloud Backend

Cloud Account Backend
Cloud Products Backend
Cloud Images Backend
Cloud Requests Backend

Enterprise Edition benefits

Support via skype etc.

personal support via phone, skype or e-mail is available, on a per-incident base


comes bundled with 1 year of software update and bugfix subscription

Service Level Agreements

guaranteed response times and support hours, SLA's are optionally available

Open Source

Commercial Open Source Software, delivered with full sourcecode access


professional support by openQRM Enterprise GmbH

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Additional Enterprise Features

i-do-it CMDB

i-do-it CMDB plugin for automated datacenter and system documentation


LDAP plugin for centralized user management

Coraid Storage

Native support for Coraid Storage


Out-of-Band management plugin (IPMI) to save power consumption and cost


E-Commerce integration (Magento, Virtuemart) for the Cloud Plugin


Hardware fencing for the high-availabiilty plugin

Network interfaces

Support for bonding of network interfaces

Management plugin

Fully automated IP, network and VLAN management plugin