Edition Comparison

openQRM Community Edition
is an open-source software project licensed under the GPLv2. It has all you need to get started with your own Hybrid Cloud. It is freely usable for any personal or commercial purpose, but it doesn't come with the extended features and support of the openQRM Enterprise Edition.

openQRM Enterprise Edition
is the commercially licensed product for professional users. If you are building professional datacenter and cloud computing platforms and need reliable support options or additional features, openQRM Enterprise Edition is the product you are looking for.

Price and service availability
Available for free at no cost under GPL
Available at a competitive price, including 1 year of upgrades
Availability of Professional Services and Support
Availability of Community Support
Availability of Security Updates
comes with 1 year of update subscription, renewable
Availability of Major Feature Upgrades
Community Edition upgrades are released twice a year

comes with 1 year of update subscription, renewable
Optional Service Level Agreements (SLA) for Maintenance and Support
General characteristics
Delivered with full sourcecode access
Licensed under the Gnu General Public License (GPL v2)
Commercially licensed under the openQRM Enterprise License
Flexibly extendable by a well-defined plugin API
Multi-Language Admin Web Interface
Multi-Language Cloud Portal
Cloud management features
Cloud Self-Service Frontend
Hybrid cloud management and migration tools
E-Commerce integration for cloud services
Cloud Zones - distributed openQRM datacenter management
Supported virtualization technologies
Citrix XenServer
VMware ESX(i) (vSphere API)
High availability features
Automatic server failover
Integrated DRBD Management Console
IPMI Management (Fencing, Power-Saving)
Network management features
IP Address/Pool Management
Network Manager (network bridge and VLAN configuration)
Support for external DNS servers
Boot-support for bonded network interfaces
DHCP Management
DNS Management
TFTP Service
Wake-up on LAN
Supported Storage Technologies
Coraid Storage
AOE (ATA over Ethernet) Storagee
NetApp Filer Storage
Dell Equallogic storage
iSCSI Storage (ietd on LVM)
NFS Storage
Direct booting from iSCSI/AOE SAN Storage
TMPFS Storage (boot to local RAM)
ZFS Storage
GlusterFS storage support
Monitoring/Management Tools
i-doit CMDB System
LDAP Authentication
NoVNC browser-based remote Machine Access (no Flash/Java required)
Collectd statistics
Image Shelf for public/custom filesystem images
Support for LinuxCOE Unattended Installation System
Support for FAI fully automatic installation
Support for Cobbler provisioning
Support for CloneZilla provisioning
Integration of preinstalled servers (local-server, without netbooting)
Automatic nagios3 and/or Icinga config generation
Ansible Playbook/Machine management
Puppet Class/Machine management
SSHTerm for browser-based SSH access (no Java required)
Support for virtual Windows guests (on Xen, KVM)
Automatic installation and management of Windows systems using Opsi
Automatic Zabbix monitoring configuration
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