Professional Open-Source Datacenter and Cloud Management

openQRM Enterprise Edition is our commercially backed IaaS Cloud Computing and Datacenter Management framework for professional users. If you are building professional datacenter platforms and if you need reliable support options or additional features, this is your product.

openQRM Enterprise Edition comes with extended features, product support and maintenance options not available in the Community Edition. It is field-tested and professionally supported by openQRM Enterprise GmbH.

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openQRM Community Edition is an open-source IaaS Cloud Computing and Datacenter Management framework. It's a free software project licensed under the terms of the GPLv2. It has all the functionality to manage smaller or non-critical datacenters. openQRM Community Edition is free to use personally or commercially at no cost, and it comes with full sourcecode access for unmatched flexibility.

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What do people say about openQRM?

Due to its open and very flexible plug-in approach, openQRM is one of the leading Cloud Computing/IaaS solutions on the market. Especially its hybrid migration possibilities (P2V, V2P and V2V) as well as functions to 'move' VMs between different virtualization technologies clearly stand out.
thanks, matt! openqrm has been working out wonderfully in our internal datacenter! (and soon in the external one, as well)
Articulative, creative and ultimately by far the most innovative project so far ..... high commendation go to project leaders, developers and contributors for this project…. all of us praise your effort and perseverance that has gone into making this project successful." We would be obliged to offer our support and assistance, where you deem necessary PM for technology @ CERN (Europe)
Anyone with experience with large open source projects knows it sometimes takes a little knowledge and work to get them running. This is not ubuntu. But I just netbooted one physical server on 3 different distributions with 3 configurations in 15 minutes. Then I booted the same image on a Xen host. Then I migrated it to an EC2 node with a few mouse clicks...yeah, this is cool.
Great framework for any organization looking for more control and less cost in IT operations. Thanks for keeping it up for so long at this quality!
openQRM Enterprise GMBH could well become the RedHat of the Open Source Enterrpise Management tools
Seen that OpenQRM released v.4.6 and looks much beeeettttterrrr than b4. Great Job Matt and Team!!