DB Systel

openQRM at Deutsche Bahn

Join DB Systel System Architect Holger Koch who presented at LinuxTag 2013 in Berlin how Deutsche Bahn is profitting from running several private IaaS Cloud Computing installations using openQRM Enterprise Edition. The video includes the full presentation (german audio).

FH Technikum Wien Vienna, Austria

"To us, openQRM is the perfect private cloud solution. Its self-service possibilities massively reduce IT staff efforts and it gives us complete overview. There's no better product than openQRM to accomplish this!"

Group FiO Inc. Calgary, Canada

Group FiO delivers one-stop cloud solutions that can begin with planning and migration of Windows and Linux servers to a Hybrid Cloud architecture. Once deployed, we provide 24-hour service and support for scalable and responsive applications. Your strategic choice of optional on-premise servers combined with automated burst to secure hosting partners in Canada and/or the USA will be monitored and archived by Group FIO. This provides our customers with a reliable distributed platform for your business processes, applications and data. We offer services for OpenQRM and Nagios to provide an SLA that meets your requirements and budget. We manage remote technical support services for our customers and partner with high-quality hosting providers. We offer cloud-based CRM and ERP business applications that are deployed using OpenQRM in a secure, highly-available cloud that we operate to ensure your business continuity.

Aragon Software Internet-Service Ltd. & Co. KG Burtenbach, Germany

Die Firma Aragon Software Internet-Service beschäftigt sich hauptsächlich mit Internet-Providing, Virtualisieren von EDV-Anlagen, Konzeptionierung und Umsetzung von Kundennetzwerken und Implementierung von VPN Netzwerken. Aragon betreibt drei Data-Rechenzentren in München und Colocations in Nürnberg und Frankfurt am Main. Wir setzen auf unseren IBM Blade-Centern mit EMC Storagesystemen OpenQRM als Virtualisierungsplattform ein und schätzen den qualitativ hochwertigen Support von OpenQRM Enterprise sehr. Hr. Rechenburg war uns bei vielen Projekten immer eine große Hilfe. Wir wünschen ihm und der OpenQRM Enterprise für die Zukunft alles Gute und weiterhin viel Erfolg!

Aress Software and Education Nashik, India

We have been using OpenQRM for all our internal web deployments and have been extremely pleased with its performance and features.

OSS Laboratories Inc. Chiba, Japan

OSS Laboratories Inc. is a one stop technology shop that helps to plan, and deploy open source alternatives or optimize customer's existing open source installations in Japan. Its activity focuses on the following areas: technological innovation consulting, software development and implement cloud solutions (openQRM, Hadoop, Asakusa, etc.)

Utrecht School of Arts / Hilversum Utrecht, Netherlands

Data Centric Atlanta, GA , United States

DataCentric is an Atlanta, Georgia based company that has been providing IT services and support to businesses throughout the Southeastern United States since our early days in 1999. Our founders came from providing sophisticated IT services to Fortune 500 companies. They realized that they could take the tools and know-how once reserved for giant corporations and make it available to small and medium sized businesses -affordable . And as technology has advanced, so have we, resulting in innovative growth and our continued commitment to providing our clients with consistent, reliable, and affordable IT services, including Integrated Cloud Services, Data Backups and Disaster Recovery, Managed Services, Inbound Marketing and Web Development and 24/7 Technical Support.