New openQRM Cloud 5.1.4 release out today offers new Cloud portal, Android OS support and real-time management overview

The intuitive and newly designed Cloud Portal and the Android OS support are the main new features in the new openQRM Enterprise 5.1.4 release out today.

It was one of our major objectives to redesign the openQRM Cloud Portal and make an even more intuitive user-experience come true for you. The user dashboard shows permission and limit overviews, a shortened workflow makes usage even faster, NoVNC support was added additionally and a re-written Collectd integration now provides real-time stats.

We also especially target Android developers with this release. The new openQRM Enterprise 5.1.4 release fully supports Android OS deployments via IaaS. Immediately get your android systems on demand. Developers receive the agility to fully take advantage of the cloud and write applications, prioritize efforts and even reduce time to market.

Although openQRM Enterprise Cloud 5.1.4 is enhanced with many new features, it is also easily update-able for current openQRM Enterprise users!

Is your current openQRM Enterprise 5.1 License still in it's first year? Then please contact us for your free update!

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  • Android Support
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • IP-Management
  • Device Manager
  • Cloud Portal UI newly designed
  • Intuitive Workflow

The design enhancements, productivity features and the real-time management overviews make this the best openQRM Enterprise ever. No more vendor-lock nightmares, feel the awesomeness and magic of using openQRM Enterprise for your Cloud and Datacenter.

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Your openQRM Enterprise Team